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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Second Round, here we come!

Well, the first round could be classified as "less than riveting", but there were at least two fun / interesting series, and the winners are coming together. Utah / Golden State should make for a great time, if only to see which team gets to play "their way". Will it be a defensive grind a la Jerry Sloan? Or will Nellie's run-and-gun take over? A great chance to watch two of the best coaches in the business, with completely different styles.

OK, that's enough of my own biased opinion. Which second-round matchups sound the most interesting to you?

Here is some quick fantasy game news, this is the top players so far in the game

1. huey - 977
2. obreck3 - 967.5
3. momotiki - 945.5
4. aomcgill - 945
4. jchan - 945
6. mike - 930
7. tlarkin - 918.5
8. amarishnu - 873.5
9. drock113 - 821
10. jlewis44 - 818.5
11. jasonyiin - 808

Some quick stats on the teams:

Six players were chosen by every team: Nash, Nowitzki, LeBron, Ginobli, Marion and Duncan.
Another six players were chosen by every team but one: Howard, Billups, Bosh, Deng, Stoudemire and Ben Wallace.

From there it got interesting:
Eight people are ticked that Jason Terry, Dwyane Wade and Yao Ming have been eliminated.
Seven will be enjoying Jason Kidd and Carlos Boozer's points in round 2.

The difference makers are probably in the players who are still active, but weren't chosen by many players.
These include:
- Tony Parker, 4 teams
- Rasheed Wallace, 4 teams
- Leandro Barbosa, 2 teams
- Anderson Varejao, 2 teams

All in all, only 30 different players were actually selected. As for my picks, I feel fairly confident since "aomcgill" chose the exact same team as I did. However, I almost changed that, in fact, I actually thought about adding DeSagana Diop to my team.

Thank goodness.

How do you guys feel about your chances? What players do you think will show up with big numbers in this coming round?


Dan said...

From drock113,
Just to clarify the numbers a little bit, Stoudemire should probably be on the "selected by all teams" list. I have no idea how I ended up without him, but I really, really meant to pick him. My mistake, obviously, but his status shouldn't suffer for my blunder. ;)

Doesn't matter much for my team, of course. I rolled the dice a couple of times, and they landed the wrong way for me. It's been fun watching the playoffs from this perspective, though, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here is my list of remaining players on the top eleven teams:

OBreck3 14
Huey 11
Momotiki 12
AoMcgill 12
Mike 12
Tlarkin 13
Amarishnu 14
JLewis 15
Jasonyiin 13
Drock 10

It's going to be very interesting, So far, i like my chances. I only have two Pistons though, which could be a killer. For that reason, Jlewis is my dark horse. Amarishnu, you have too many Bulls I think.

JChan said...

Thanks for putting that together, Anonymous, some very interesting stuff there. I think you are right, JLewis has a good chance. That team has 4 Pistons and 3 Spurs, so there could easily be 7 players left in the Finals. Not a bad strategy.

Of course, I still think Chicago is going to take out the Pistons, even after their horrible showing in Game 1. So Amarishnu could have the right idea. We'll see.

Rashad said...

If only I'd swapped Dampier for Drew Gooden as I was so tempted to do... How could they play him so little! Has avery not heard of the concept of "dominating the boards"?