(Points + Rebounds + Steals + ½Assists + ½Blocked Shots – Field Goal Attempts – Turnovers - ½Free Throw Attempts - ½Personal Fouls) / Minutes = Win Score per Minute

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Avery Johnson is a really good coach, so what the.........?

I don't have time to properly research this at the moment, but I wanted to throw this out there while it is fresh in my mind. While everyone is loving Golden State right now, and some people are discussing what Dallas has been doing wrong, I've only seen a few people mention in passing what I think is the single biggest difference in this series.

And mind you, I never thought I would say this, but I think the biggest problem for the Mavs is the lack of playing time for Erick Dampier. He has consistently been the third best player for this Mavericks team, anchoring the middle, rebounding, and shooting a ridiculously high percentage. And now he's turning in one and two-minute games. How does this make sense?

I know he's not fast enough to get back on fast breaks, but wouldn't his offensive rebounding skills get rid of four or five fast breaks per game? I can't understand why a 67 win team is adjusting to a team that barely made the playoffs.



Anonymous said...

Excellent comment about Dampier, I couldnt agree more.

JChan said...

Wow. I wasn't able to watch the Dallas game tonight, but I followed the ending online.

With the score 112-103 Golden State, I was licking my chops, ready to rip into Nowitzki. "How can you give the MVP to someone who doesn't even take a shot in the fourth quarter of an elimination game?!?"

But then, wow.

15 straight points to win the game, including 12 from Nowitzki. That's how you win in the playoffs. I still think Golden State takes game 6, but it's a lot more iffy right now than it was 10 minutes ago.

Nate said...

I know this is off topic, but I am trying to reach JChan, but can't figure out how.
I am a high school coach and would love to do my own win score analysis on my players, but I was wondering if and how much the value of certain statistics change from level to level. How would I go about doing this, especially without data from other teams in our league or division?

My email address is coachnateb@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I only lost six players in the first round. Fantasy life will hopefully be a lot better in next round. Oh, and for any fantasy players wondering why I didn't pick Kidd (which is probably no one), it was an accident. I thought I had picked him and only realized I didn't when the playoffs started.
- amarishnu

The Franchise said...


It doesn't matter what level you're playing on--the same statistics should still determine the results of the game.

Obviously, the position adjustments are likely to change at various levels, but the raw Win Score should not. It will be tough to compute without stats from other teams in your league, unless you are able to procure some recordings, but you could easily get the statistics for the games you play--and you may be able to collect some other recordings or box scores from other contests.