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Friday, April 20, 2007

Here come the playoffs!

The matchups have been set, the dates laid out, and we're finally ready for the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Here's hoping there are a few good series, to keep the first round from feeling like an eternity.

If you want to join in the fantasy game, you'll need to sign up and pick your team before the first game starts on Saturday. At that point I'll be turning off the ability to change your team. To qualify for the "big prize" and the admiration of your fellows, you'll need to have no more than 20 players on your team. Looks like we've got about a dozen teams set up so far, should be a fun time watching the results.

I'm gonna throw some predictions out there just for fun. As with March Madness, I'm terrible at this, but I like to do it anyway.

Western Conference:
Dallas def. Golden State in 6
Phoenix def. LA Lakers in 5
San Antonio def. Denver in 5
Utah def. Houston in 7

Dallas def. Utah in 6
Phoenix def. San Antonio in 7

Phoenix def. Dallas in 6

Eastern Conference:
Detroit def. Orlando in 4
Cleveland def. Washington in 4
Toronto def. New Jersey in 6
Chicago def. Miami in 7 (yeah, that's right)

Chicago def. Detroit in 7
Cleveland def. Toronto in 6

Chicago def. Cleveland in 6

Phoenix def. Chicago in 5

For some reason, I just really like Chicago this year. I know they've been inconsistent, but when they play well, they play really well. So after looking at this, I think we're almost guaranteed a Dallas/Miami final again. Oh well, we'll see.

How about you? What team do you have good feelings about for no rational reason? What teams do you see in the Finals? Enjoy the playoffs.


Westy said...

I tried to sign up, but now it won't let me login with the data I entered. If I try to register again it says my user name is taken. Any help possible?

JChan said...

Looks like I had a bug when someone's passcode began with a zero. I've fixed it and you should be able to login now. Anyone else who tried to use a passcode that began with zero should also be able to login now with that username and passcode.

Thanks for pointing out this issue, Westy.

Rashad said...

Will there be any way to compare how our teams are doing to the other players?

Can we see other players' teams?

I have an 89 after the first night of the playoffs, if that means anything to anybody.

Also, could our team page sum up our winscore for us?

JChan said...

Yes, the ranking is now online, as well as the results from the games yesterday. Moving to the playoffs broke my scripts, so I'm doing them by hand for now until I have time to rewrite some scripts.

Anyway, looks like a tight race so far, with three people tied for first place. Don't worry, I've checked and no team has the exact same 20 players. Should be interesting to see how this plays out, especially if a big team like Dallas or San Antonio loses in the first round.

Anonymous said...

there should be a fantasy award for shrewdest drafting. I think I would win with Chuck Hayes
- amarishnu

Rashad said...

First place after two days! I knew I should have taken Chuck Hayes though...

Rashad said...

Dammit, I'd like to point out that despite the fact that Amarishnu pointed out Chuck Hayes in the comment immediately before mine, that I wrote my comment before seeing his, and I congratulate him for his vision, even though he will still lose in the end.

aomcgill said...

I finally realized something - I only have 19 players. Seemed surprising to me, and even more so when I found out that Jason Kidd did not make my roster.

It's entirely possible, even likely, that I screwed this up myself. I thought I'd see if anyone else had similar reports of mix-ups/screw ups.

Love the concept of playing fantasy playoffs based upon win score. Thanks for setting it up!

JChan said...

I decided to go ahead and add Kidd to your lineup, since:
1. It could have been because of some faulty programming
2. The prize at stake isn't anything to write home about

Turns out, after the addition, that you and I have the exact same team. It's the only overlap in the group. Nicely chosen, I must say, although we're only tied for 4th at the moment.