(Points + Rebounds + Steals + ½Assists + ½Blocked Shots – Field Goal Attempts – Turnovers - ½Free Throw Attempts - ½Personal Fouls) / Minutes = Win Score per Minute

Monday, March 19, 2007

Some new ways to look at the data....

Well, I didn't have as much free time as I'd hoped, but there are a couple new ways to look at the Win Score data this morning. They're just not as polished as I was hoping.
First, you can look at every day of the season and see the games played on that particular day, then drill down to see the list of players in that game. This feature is accessible from the front page, or you can click below:

Win Score Stats by Day

The second thing is just a huge list of every game by every player (over 20,000 individual games so far). This is a good way to find the best and worst individual games in any category. This link is available on the front page as well, or here is the link:

Win Score stats for every game, every player

I also was playing with new ways to look at the position adjustment. Over at 82games.com, the player pages give a percentage of time each position is played, so I tried using that to calculate position adjustments, hoping to see if it approximates any better. I've used the new position adjustments on the Miami Heat, so you can take a look and see if you think it works better or not.

Also, by request I've put a donation link. This is through PayPal and the link is only on the front page. You'll see a small graphic that says "Donate" on the right of the page. Thanks again to those who have already helped out by making a purchase at Amazon or clicking on a Google Ad.

I will try to keep rolling out new features as time permits, so keep checking back, I'll think you'll like the things I've got planned for the future.

P.S. Don't know if anyone noticed, but my bracket sucks. Again. I mean, Davidson? What was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

This is truly awesome. I can now look up Eddy Curry's win score stats for the entire season. Jason, I love this, will send a donation once I figure out paypal...

Anonymous said...

Just amazing, Curry has a positive paws only 20 times this season. Incredible.