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Saturday, June 2, 2007

We have a winner!.......well, almost

For those still interested, let's take a quick look at the fantasy game and see if anyone has a chance to catch obreck3 at this point. Here are the scores after the conference finals:

obreck3 - 2083
momotiki - 2015
aomcgill - 2014.5
jchan - 2014.5
huey - 1952.5
jlewis44 - 1941
mike - 1936
amarishnu - 1918.5
tlarkin - 1871
jasonyiin - 1716
drock113 - 1620

The top is relatively unchanged, but there has been big shakeup in the second half of the group, as jlewis44 has shot up three places in the standings and is threating fifth place as we speak. As for players left, we've got the following:

Everybody's got Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and LeBron James, so those that only have those three (me, aomcgill, amarishnu, and "curse your half point" momotiki) have nowhere to go but down.

Huey, tlarkin and drock113 have Drew Gooden in addition to the three. Mike has Tony Parker. Obreck has, unfortunately for the rest of us, Parker and Gooden, and has pretty much sewn up this contest. The only one with even a tiny chance of winning is jlewis44. Jlewis44 and jasonyiin both have Parker, Gooden and Anderson Varejao, and Jlewis is currently ahead of jasonyiin. So unless Varejao surprises us all and goes for 143 Win Score in the Finals (he has 82.5 so far in the playoffs), looks like your champion is Obreck3. You might want to be thinking of what special link you'd like to have as your fantastic grand prize. Another thanks to all those who played...please leave suggestions of how to make this better come next season.


Josh said...

I am actually happy to have been (virtually) eliminated from winning. I had a greater chance with the Pistons (and sure could have benefited from some game 7 points) but I don't like Detroit and I love LBJ so I'm OK with not winning.

In the end, the Tony Parker pick is what killed me.

In regards to improving the contest, smaller rosters would likely create more variance in the teams chosen.

Another option would be to force people to choose x number of players from 3 or 4 tiers of productivity as measured by regular season productivity.

It was fun. I hope to do it again next year.


David Berri said...

Is it possible next year to simply identify what position each player plays and use PAWS? I understood that this year position might be debated. But if it was simply determined ahead of time (Marion is a power forward or Marion is a small forward), and people drafted accordingly, then all positions could have equal value. Just a thought from someone who didn't play.

Rashad said...

I knew that half point must have been eating at you... congrats obreck!

Anonymous said...

Been travelling, so missed my anointment. While nothing can completely ease the sting of being a Knicks fan, this helps. Thanks so much for organizing, it was a lot of fun.